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Products and Services Available


We can design a strategy that incorporates your risk and return preferences with access to a range of investment vehicles including individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and professionally managed accounts.

Retirement Planning

Virtually every financial decision you make will impact how you live during your retirement years. We have the experience to help you develop a comprehensive strategy and will work with you over the years to make sure that plan evolves as needed.

Risk Management

Your Financial Services Representative can do a risk assessment and find ways to better protect your income and assets.

Reduction Strategies

We can identify opportunities and implement strategies that can help reduce the impact of taxes on investment returns and income.

Estate Conservation Strategies

Estate Conservation Strategies can make sure that your loved ones are taken care of financially after you are gone. Without an estate plan, a significant part of your estate can be lost to taxes or go to unintended beneficiaries. We can work with you to tailor an estate plan that assures the legacy you desire.

Employee and Executive Benefits

We offer a range of products and services including group and voluntary benefits, executive benefits, retirement and savings programs and individual financial services. Each program is supported by an exceptional level of service for you and your employees. Additionally, we can benchmark your current benefit programs against a variety of alternative carriers and companies to help you get the best plans at the best cost for your business.